Last November we produced a 1 hour television production for Premier sports in partnership with PHA Broadcast,  Futsal. The game was filmed over a weekend and edited on Monday for transmission on Tuesday. Everything from the camera work to the onscreen graphics and the opening sequence were produced in house. It’s all about making your television programme both enthusiastic and relevant to your target audience, structuring the show so that the audience stays engaged.

Hold That Shot was established in 2012 to provide high-end corporate video productions, as well as technical facilities and personnel to the television and film industries. Our personnel have over 13 years experience working in main stream broadcasting services and technical management and have the core skills to manage any project with ease. Our staff are trained to the highest standards of film production, camera operation, editing, graphic design, steadicam, lighting for film and TV, sound recording, post-production audio, technical management, production management and much more.

With products and services starting from as little as £500 there is something to suit any budget. Call to find out more!